Researchers have found the first evidence of water on Mars

What they believe the lake is in an ice-cold area of ​​the south and has about 20 kms.

Early research found signs of water flowing on the planet’s surface, but that is the first sign of water on the planet in recent days.

The milk discovered by Nasa showed that the water was on the surface of the planet in the past.

However, the atmosphere of the planet is cold and hydrogenic to make its water change and freeze.

The result is interesting because scientists have long sought a sign of the existence of the planet on Mars but could not find any evidence.

It will also please those who are doing research on the existence of life beyond the world – despite the fact that these findings have not provided any evidence of the existence of creation.

The discovery was made by using a radar device located at the European Space Station by the name Mars Express orbiter.

“Probably not a big lake, said Professor Orosei from the institution of the sky with the nature of the stars and other heavenly beings”, who led the study.

The Marsis device could not detect the width of the water, but this group of researchers estimates that it has a width of less than one meter.

” This has proven the presence of a lake of water, and not the dissolved water between the rock and ice, as in other parts of the globe ”, added Professor Orosei.

Radar materials such as Marsis explore the planet’s surface by sending signals and examining what will come back.

The white line on the picture shows the beginning of the wrapping water and the ice and dust.

Under it, researchers discovered something unusual about 1.5 kilometers below the ice.

” In blue color you can see from the bottom compared to from the floor. This is a clear indication that there is a sign of water ”, said Professor Orosei.

What does this mean for Life?

Nothing is obvious yet.

Dr. Manish Patel from the University of Open University explained: We have observed since the time that Mars ‘floor has not been able to allow the existence of life as we know that any discovery of life is now found on Mars’ floor.

This is where we get protection against harmful radiation and climate-friendly weather conditions.

More importantly, this allows water to sustain life. The goal of finding these waters is crucial in the search for life on earth.

And as these results show the existence of water, they do not prove anything more than that.

” We are not about to discover life, Dr. Patel told the BBC, but what is happening with these findings is to find an area that can save life needs in Mars ”.

The water fibers and chemicals can cause problems with any creature on Mars.

” In order for the water to survive despite the cold, the water may have too much salt in it. The water may have more salt for any creature to use ”, explained Dr Claire Cousins, a scientist from the University of St Andrews, in the UK.

What action should be taken?

While his presence provides good opportunities for those who want to know if there was a possibility of life in Mars, the lake is to be further investigated.

” What is needed now is to make sure that such a study takes place elsewhere to find such signals and if possible other details are being investigated ”.


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