Talking to a woman for the first time is simple. All you need is three things. First is the confidence, the second is to have lines, three I install the game. This is the way most of your friends would tell you when you would ask them how to talk to a woman.

Here we believe that talking with a woman is a step and a process that you need to follow without jumping. Our goal is to ensure that no action will pass you. We will give you all the tools that you need to know that relate to women.

Ok, do you know how to use until you start talking to a woman? Try with us.

Check your hygiene.

Before you take any action to talk to the woman make sure you are neat. First brush, clean clothes and also have a fresh ointment. This will help you because you are dirty and no woman will agree to talk to you.

Also make sure you choose to pick up the clothes you wear. What clothes do you wear? You can’t chase a woman to talk to her in a club when you wear it as if you were going to worship. Make sure that your clothes are appropriate to the environment.

Muapproach is seeing you.

When unamuapproach this woman make sure she has seen you. Usimuapproach as a thief. Go straight to the place where you are showing a smile that you are ready to talk to him when you reach him.


As I have already said that you must be smiling while you have a woman, so it is important to smile while sitting beside a woman. This is important because you will make this woman feel comfortable in your presence and it is also one way of being friendly.

Look at her.

You reach this woman. The next thing that follows is that you must show courage. And your courage will be seen when you look at this woman in the eye. When you start a conversation with him, you should not look at either side or look down.

Use gestures.

Regularly using your hands to indicate something or something gives you instant courage. Also the use of these signals helps to emphasize something aside and gives you a calmness while your conversation continues.

Use sound and appropriate language.

If you speak loudly to a woman then you will give him a sign that you are a clown, that is, your ears are heavy. Speaking quickly you will see you a fool. Also speaking softly will see you not mature and unlike a strong man. So here you must teach them how to talk to such a woman.

Similarly, the use of your language is important. Do not use abusive language, do not use abusive language, do not use dirty language. That is here you must be a civilization because it is the first time you talk to this woman


This is one way to make a woman feel free and feel that she has at least been able to find a man. Swimming in the morning is not coming this way!

Enter humor in the conversation.

While you are talking to this woman, make sure that you enter humor in your conversation. This is important because women are attracted to men who are friendly.

These are the steps that you need to hate when you want to talk to the woman. Make sure each of these steps takes you in order to achieve the whole plan of success. Then before I forget … don’t go away without taking his phone number


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