The treatment of sexual problems should be done in a participled way and we should remember that a single medicine is not suitable for everyone with different problem.

Sexual problems and their diagnose is a specialized problem and advertising is the only way to deceive; because sexual problems can not be treated with the same medicine and everyone should be examined and treated according to their physical system.

A kidney and urinary tract specialist and a member of the university’s practical staff says: “Do not worry about your sexual problems anymore!”
You have seen or heard these advertisements on television channels many times. Unfortunately a large group of gullible gentlemen are eating these crazy advertisements and paying a lot of money for such products which are a hundred percent counterfeit. Thats why they do not get any results after using them.

While recognizing the type of sexual problems is not as easy as we think, and it’s treatment is not generalized that it can be prescribed for everyone, so for each type of sexual problems a particular therapeutic route should be chosen.

The treatment of sexual problems should be done in a scientifically way.

Its important to have metrics in medical science to diagnose any disease.

For example when the disease suggests that its not afflicted with diabetes due to a fetal condition, its the doctor’s responsibility to understand the history, examination and requests of several tests to get the reason of increasing the blood glucose.
The sexual problem is the same, even it needs more investigations.

Here are some ways to treat sexual problems

> History, physical checkup and diagnosing the type of problem:

The exact history of the patient should be taken. When a man complaints about his sexual problems, first we should know that what he calls a sexual problem?
The necessary questions which should be asked are: Is your Sexual desires decrease?or Can you have sexual relationships?
Then according to the answers we can get the patient’s problem.
Sometimes some men are not patient but they have some special expectations from themselves. For example they complaint for their penis size but the physical checkup shows everything normal.
Sometimes they complaint for election problems that they can not have sexual relationship one after another. From scientific aspects there is no problem with these men. Because they are naturally uncomfortable after entercourse.

> Test requests

Sexual problems in men are about 20 types. The first step for getting better treatment is to diagnose the problem, then finding the reason of it, is important. Getting the reason is the most important subject that unfortunately some doctors ignore it.
Knowing the reason will be cleared by asking history and some questions about problem, using medicine and any sexual problems in the past.
But there is no necessity to request many tests and ultrasound tests. Doctors should not use any Para clinical tests to diagnose problem.
Para clinical tests are to emphasize doctor’s diagnose and it should have a necessary reason to be taken.

> Knowing that the problem is physical or mental

When it will be cleared that a patient has erection problem, it’s treatment will be easier. Then it should be proved that erection problem is physical or mental.
If the problem had mental base, the patient should be referred to psychologist. But if it will be physical, the next step will be started.

> Early diagnose of problem, secondary or being conditional

If the problem was from the beginning of the first sexual relationship, the problem is early.

If the person did not have any problem for many years and recently faced with it, it is secondary.


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