In some parts of the world people believe that insidious skin points to the beauty, wealth and capabilities that a person sees. In some places people with black skin are considered to be low,

This leads to the use of skin absorbers such as cream, tablets or other materials to change their skin.

Studies suggest that boys and girls prefer to use skin-shaped products so they can get a good reputation in their family, community and community. in fact, even advertising shows on different television shows this feature. All these factors have a profound effect on the minds of young men and women who cause them to choose whatever they are doing between the cream and the tablets.

What are the consequences of self-injury?
A person who is self-injured can get skin cancer, acne, swelling in the skin, skin thin, increased appetite, weight loss, asthma, defective children, mental disorders, liver disorders, nervous disorders conscious as well as kidney due tohigh levels of mercury in the omeoporosis (decreased bone weight that increases the risk of bone breakdown)
Some of these effects appear instantly and other occurrences as the one using them improves skin.


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