Approximately 137 women worldwide are killed by men and also provide their own or family members every day, according to new data provided by the United Nations Office for Antibiotics and Crime (UNODC).

They say at home that’s the most likely place for a woman to be killed.

more than half of the 87,000 women killed in 2017 were reported to die in the hands of their neighbors.

Kenya prevented Marie Stopes from abortion services
Terms of the World Bank for a loan in Tanzania
About 30,000 women were killed and their 20,000 deaths were killed by family members.

The number of men killed is still high

Data collected by UNODC showed that men around the world have four times more likely than women to lose lives due to deliberate execution

The United Nations states that men contribute to 8 out of 10 deaths worldwide.

The same report states that more than 8 out of 10 deaths committed by lovers are against women.

forty-seven women, 21 countries, one day

UN data analyzes the results of 2017 generated by state-level murder statistics.

women purified after twin birth in Tanzania

We followed women killed by other people October October 2018 around the world. 47 women were allegedly murdered for homosexuality in 21 different countries and many of these killings were still being investigated.

these are five visa reported by the media and then approved by the jurisdictional authorities.

Judith Chesang, 22, Kenya

Monday, October 1, Judith Chesang and her sister Nancy were in the field harvesting grass.

Judith, a mother of three, had been separated from her husband, Laban Kamuren, and decided to return to her parents in the northern part of the country.

Once the sisters started working, they arrived in the family field and attacked Judith.

Police say Laban was killed by villagers.

Africa is the place where women are more likely to be killed by their loved ones or by a family member according to a UN report. It happened to 3.1 people among 100,000 people.

Asia had a higher number of women killed by opponents or family members in 2017, with a total of 20,000 women.


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