he European Union (EU) has promised to strengthen its aid in the agricultural sector in increasing the level of funding in various sectors of the sector that is implementing in collaboration with the government and agricultural stakeholders.

this was stated by the United Nations Embassy, ​​Charles Stuart while addressing the Agricultural Market Exhibition held under the World Food Program (WFP) sponsorship and attended by several food security stakeholders.

Ambassador Stuart said the unity of the party is interested in how the government is implementing various agricultural development projects in collaboration with stakeholders including the unity. He said:

The Tanzanian government is one of the largest and important stakeholders in the implementation of a strategy for ensuring adequate food for Africans, especially in the way it utilizes land for better agriculture.

In turn, the NFP’s NFP Officer, Neema Shosho said the WFP is implementing the Nutrition Alliance project under EU warranty, worth 24.5 million Euros to support access to nutrition and agriculture in the regions of Singida and Dodoma.

said, at the five-year project, this is its second year, it has changed the attitude of the people of the regions and intends to engage in cultivating a nutritious diet.

said, the project is working closely with the community especially rural village practitioners by providing them with the best education, development and management of the project. said the project has also helped raise public income because despite the cultivation and expansion of their home use, they also grow and trade.


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