A  three-year-old woman died after being reported to Turkey for a type of surgery called Brazilian Butt Lift.

Why this surgery is popular and that it is dangerous for the surgery to be diagnosed.
Leah Cambridge from Leeds was found with three heart shock after a gum injection in a clinic in the city of Izmir, colleague Scott Franks told the sun.

it is understandable to have BBL surgery or additives where fat from the stomach is placed in the hips.

“The nutrient agreed to surgery when it was cheaper compared to the UK after being squeezed with fat in his stomach after having children,” said Mr. Frank.

his neighbors have called him an interesting person, adding that he believed he was going to have the surgery last month without consulting his partner.

And Cambridge was not the first English woman whose desire to have attractive hides destroyed her in scandal.

Joy Williams was surgery to increase his hiking in Bangkon, Thailand, in October 2014.

Her wounds got infected with the 24-year-old woman from London, and died in a stroke of a needle.

Three years earlier, 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi, from Hackney, east of London, died from an overcrowding treatment at one US hotel.

The surgeon surgery does not seem to be the most dangerous alternative to any surgery, according to a beauty surgeon Bryan Mayou.

“The danger is the same surgery performed by doctors who have graduated, out of the clinic would be a description of how to take care after this treatment done ‘, says master you, a member of the union of surgeons in the UK.

If the fat is inserted into the tissues of the hip part there is a risk of inserting the fat into large blood vessels.

The fat can pass through the blood vessels, to get into the lungs before causing death.

Mr Frank told The Sun newspaper: Leah had been stroke with a strain injection caused by osteoarthritis in her blood vessels that made her oxygen levels drop in blood.

his situation was strengthened but he was struck with three heart attacks and did not have to do it.

‘Medical practitioners from international communities have created a panel to investigate reporting about the procedure,’ says Mayou.

‘The mortality rate of the procedure is one of the 3,000 cases, with all the deaths being investigated involving the fat found in the muscle muscle,’ he says.

it’s a modern fashion, some years ago everyone liked to be thin and they said they wanted to be scratched to make their hips smaller.

‘And that’s the way it can be used if the new style of increasing hips will end and the victim wants his restraint to be restored,’ he says.

Why do people really like to have bigger hips? it is due to the popular culture of appealing to the appealing limbs.

Popular people such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have great popularity in the networking networks where they publish their pictures showing their rounded hips.

Jenner published in his blog where he praised his nature and increased growth.

” I have not been added to the hips. you know, I had 120 lbs. I was very thin. I am now 136Ibs, but it’s just like the balance I see. ‘

however, Cardi B has announced that before entering the music field he was added to New York’s hijacker and his device was leaked for five days later.

in an interview he said he paid about $ 800 (£ 564) for the surgery after seeing his dense black players in leisure clubs with huge leaks earning a lot of money on their backs.


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