The Ugandan government intends to recognize the Indigenous Communist community within the country, due to its long history of investing in the country and investing.
addressing this week in the country’s capital in Entebbe, in celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights or Diwali, President Yoweri Museveni said they are contemplating the request for the Indian Social Union to recognize them as a tribe.
President Museveni, who invited Indian citizens into the Entebbe House and shared food with them, said the issue could be debated and put into the Constitution of Uganda.
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“In terms of identifying indigenous Indians, the Government is working. We can use the Nubi model. These were soldiers from Egypt, Turkey and South Sudan. They came here and did not wait for their home. are known as a tribe in our Constitution, “said President Museveni, and wrote the Twitter statement.
On the issue of recognizing Indians as a tribe, government will work on it. We can use the example of the Nubians. These were soldiers from Egypt, Turkey and South Sudan. They came here and never went back. They are recognized as a tribe in our Constitution.
Or, President Museveni has assured them that the business environment in the country will continue to be improved and that they recognize their contribution to trade in the country’s economy. He said that 80 percent of the major companies in the country are being owned by Indians.
Last year, the Indian Association of Uganda said you have written a request for the Government to identify them as part of the tribes, since most of them have lived many years in the country.


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