In love there are times of varying, irritating. In the context of this period it becomes dangerous because it causes serious cracks of relationships and makes it impossible to taste flavor.

We all know, people fight, they leave, hurt each other, they hurt each other, they hurt each other in anger. However, not all who know what to do when they find themselves have entered the wrong step.

My reader, let’s try to remember one of the differences between you and your partner and possibly remind yourself of what you started! You will find that you started to feel like jokes and found yourself angry in anger, scratching the baskets, screaming bitterly and perhaps deciding to abandon them.

All of this is because you missed the knowledge of the conversation. It would be one of you who was the second to be angry to know how to talk to the angry person who would take the lead in frustrating the chaos and bringing peace to love. Look at five steps to talk to an angry partner.

Angry fills a chest, affecting the circulation of blood and the awareness. An angry person will find it difficult to listen or to look at the third eye. An angry person does not think about the future, but he looks beyond the scenario and how to gain victory by word or argument.

In such a situation, someone else comes wisely and wants to change it quickly and can not understand it. The important thing is to stop talking, interact with, persuade him to listen instead and give the opportunity to say what he wants, to get to know him as you respond to and confess his blame. “So the wrong partner is me.” This kind of statement will slow down her anger because she will see the pressure.

Because you know your partner in depth it will be easier for you to realize that he has slowed down his temper and returned to his normal situation. The consciousness of this consciousness takes the responsibility to read the vision in order to find out if she is in a good position to listen what you wanted to tell when she was angry.

This exercise can take several hours and sometimes even two days. What is the purpose? It’s getting the right result of eliminating your partner’s resentment and teaching him the effects of being annoyed in your romantic relationship. “Well, I love you so much, but yesterday you hurt me, did you tell me a mistake for a mistake that I did not do?” He will probably listen more to you than to fight with him when he is angry.


While reading the essay and telling him what to do with his mistakes, do not hold back his defense, and give him the opportunity to talk about what made him angry. “You see you’re still cursing me, now I believe that day you were proud of it.” Do not say that, you’ll probably reply to the argument even though he will be oppressing you and more likely to build himself up. Allow her to break her brain.

As I said above, some lovers are hard to understand, they are people to hide their weaknesses and not want to look wrong. People like this when you return to the conversation can find themselves moving again.
“So what was you saying … I did yes, … how do you decide?” When you arrive at the mark, do not wait for a few minutes to speak and then sign in to the fifth step.

Even if he or she is the wrongdoer and refuses to acknowledge, do not worry, take the responsibility to apologize and express your desire to communicate it was mutual dispute. Remember even if he has made a mistake, you still have to apologize for returning to the past. “I’m sorry I could have hurt you for what I said, I beg you to forgive each other.”

Of course, for a few of these readers, you will have learned and take action to prevent major conflicts caused by your spouse’s anger.



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