Senegal striker Sadio Mane has signed a new contract to serve the Liverpool club, which will enable him to work under the city’s coaches until 2023.
26-year-old, has agreed to reach out for the signing of the new agreement, after finalizing negotiations with Liverpool officials, who have already shown that they are already working with the striker.
The original striker’s contract signed by Liverpool in 2016 from England’s Southampton at 34 million Pauni, was reaching the end of 2021.
“I am pleased with the signing of the new agreement, I will continue here for another five-year period,” said Mane interviewed by Liverpool FC’s sponsor.
“It’s a big step forward for me to stay here, I believe there is a big deal that my leaders have seen from me, they need to continue helping one another in the pursuit of this club, and I without a chance have achieved the signing of a new agreement.”
“I know the great thirst for the Liverpool club, and it’s clear that thirst should be completed by the action of my presence and the support of other players, who have always been working together for a great deal of cooperation.”
Apporter Sadio Mane and his colleagues Mo Salah and Firminho.
The sign of a new agreement, makes it possible to associate with other attackers at the club at Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino who have completed the process of signing new contracts.
The New Ethnic Agreement, you will enable him to pay 150,000 Pairs a week.
in his first season, Mane was forced to close 20 goals to Liverpool, a situation that prompted to be the best player of the club’s Anfield club.
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