Talking with a girl on the phone can be a great way to flirt with her. When you talk on the phone, you’ll miss out on some of the body language and eye contact that an in-person conversation might have. But talking on the phone gives you the chance to really focus on what the girl is saying, and to make a good impression with your sense of humor and listening skills.

1.Choose a good time to talk
Choose a good time to talk. When you’re calling a girl, you don’t necessarily want to set up a specific time that you’ll call. But you should choose a good time when you have some time to devote to talking. Then, you won’t feel rushed in the conversation. She’ll wonder why you called her when you only have a few minutes to talk.
If she can’t talk when you call, ask when it will be a good time to call back. She might be at work or at an appointment. Let her choose a time for you to call her, and then be sure to call her at that time.

2. Choose a good location
Choose a good location. Make sure you’re in a good spot when you call her. Don’t call when you’re on the bus or walking through a really crowded area. It can be hard to hear her or your voice might go in and out. Even worse, your call might drop and you’ll lose the connection.

3. Clear your throat.

Don’t start off the conversation with a frog in your throat that will make your voice sound weird. Clear your throat or give a little cough to make sure your voice sounds clear.
If you have a really bad cold and your nose is plugged up, it will be harder for her to understand you over the phone. You can still call to say hi, but keep the conversation short. Cut your conversation short by telling her you’re going to get some rest so you can be well for when you get together in person.

4. Don’t eat while talking.

The sound of someone eating can be really off-putting, and if you are chomping on a burger or slurping down a milkshake, the phone might amplify that noise. It will also be harder to understand you if you’re chewing in the middle of a sentence.

5. Don’t wait 3 days to call.

Some dating advice recommends that you should wait 3 days after getting a phone number before you call a girl. This is terrible advice. Show her that you’re interested by calling when you want to call. This might even be the day after you met her. If you wait too long, she’ll just be annoyed and think you don’t consider her to be very important.


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